Tamil actor Karthika Nair announces engagement to Rohit Menon | Photos

Popular actress Karthika, renowned for her compelling performances in both Tamil and Telugu films, has recently taken to Instagram to share some heartwarming news with her fans and followers.

The actress, who had taken a hiatus from the entertainment industry, revealed that she is now engaged to Rohit Menon.

The announcement came through a series of delightful photos capturing the essence of their engagement ceremony. The couple was elegantly twinned in plum sangaria desi outfits, radiating joy and love as they embarked on this new chapter of their lives together.

Karthika announces engagement to Rohit Menon

In her Instagram post, Karthika expressed the serendipity of meeting Rohit, stating that their connection felt destined. She poetically shared, “Meeting you was destiny; falling for you was just sheer magic. The countdown for our forever begins.”The heartfelt caption accompanied the pictures that showcased the couple’s happiness and the beginning of their journey towards a lifetime of togetherness.





Fans and well-wishers flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages, expressing their excitement and joy for the couple. Many praised the duo for their chemistry and wished them a lifetime of happiness.

 (Image credits:karthika_nair9/Instagram)

Karthika’s return to the spotlight with such a personal and joyous announcement adds an extra layer of delight for her admirers. The actress, known for her versatile roles, has been a beloved figure in the cinema industry, and her fans are eagerly anticipating her upcoming projects.

 (Image credits:karthika_nair9/Instagram)

Karthika’s fans reaction

As the news of Karthika’s engagement continues to make waves on social media, it is evident that the couple has garnered immense support and love from their well-wishers. The engagement photos not only capture a beautiful moment in their lives but also reflect the genuine happiness and love shared between Karthika and Rohit.

As the couple begins their journey towards marital bliss, fans are undoubtedly looking forward to more glimpses of their love story and eagerly awaiting details about their wedding plans. Karthika’s engagement serves as a reminder that amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, real-life love stories continue to enchant and captivate audiences.

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