Take care of these 5 things during festivals, otherwise diabetic patients will face big problems.

Diwali Festival Season: People do not take care of their health at all during the festival season. From Dhanteras, Diwali to Bhai Bij, there is abundance of sweets in the house and diabetic patients start eating sweets without caring about their health.


1. Before the beginning of the festive season, get your glucose level checked once. Getting a body screening will keep you aware of the potential risks and allow you to enjoy the festivities with caution.

2. Avoid both sweet dishes and sweet drinks during the festive season. During this period you should also avoid fried food. Take care of your eating habits also. If you’re planning to dine out, avoid refined sugar and saturated fats.


3. During this period, family members should also take care of the health of diabetic patients. Patients or family members should ask the doctor about problems related to oral anti-diabetes medications and insulin, so as not to harm the patient’s health further.


4. Sweets and sweet dishes are very much liked on festivals like Diwali and Bhai Bij. But diabetic patients should stay away from such things. Instead of sweet dishes or sweets, you can consume jaggery, dates or figs.


5. Apart from sweets, many other things come to the house during festivals. You can consume fruits or dry fruits beneficial in diabetes after consulting a doctor. If you exercise regularly, do not break this routine too…

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