Soldier saves life of sick father in Taj Mahal, all government arrangements appear to have failed – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

Once again great carelessness was seen in the Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder of the world. Ramraj, a tourist from Delhi who had come to see the Taj on Wednesday, suddenly suffered a heart attack and became unconscious. For about 45 minutes, the tourist’s soldier son kept trying to save his life, but no officer deployed for the security of Taj Mahal or any responsible person involved in the arrangements did not help him.

Fortunately, the tourist’s military son was aware of first aid and he immediately started giving CPR to his unconscious father. After continuous efforts for about an hour without stopping, the tourist’s breathing returned. After this, they took the tourist to the Military Hospital located in Sadar.

After the video of the tourist not getting treatment and the companions giving CPR came to light, once again questions are being raised on the facilities of first aid for tourists. Similarly, due to negligence, in the past also a French female tourist had lost her life due to not getting timely treatment.

After this incident, the strictness of the top officials was visible for a few days, but as time passed, the circumstances became the same as before. On Wednesday, no one responsible from CISF and Archeology Department reached Taj Mahal to help the sick tourist for about 45 minutes.

In the video you can clearly see how the tourist’s family is trying to save his life by giving him CPR. However, this time the hard work of the family members paid off and the tourist’s life was saved. In such a situation, once again questions are being raised on the health arrangements of the tourists coming to Taj city.

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