Should you really drink water during or after meals? Know if you don’t want to be offended

New Delhi: You must have seen many people in your home, around you, in hotels, who carry a glass or bottle of water with them while eating food. And keep drinking water all the time. Perhaps you are also doing the same. But you must have read or heard somewhere that one should not drink water after eating. Many reasons are given for not drinking water with food. And it is said that doing so is harmful for your health. However, many reports have claimed that drinking water from time to time does not cause any harm. And one can drink water with food. Let us finally know how good is the habit of drinking water with food and what is the story behind it.

Is it wrong to drink water with food:

It is often said that one should not drink water from half an hour before to half an hour after eating. It is said that if you drink water with food, it stops the production of saliva in your mouth. And it affects digestion. It also reduces the absorption of nutrients. Due to which you are not able to get nutrients from food. Many people say that this can also cause acidity problems. And there is also complaint of weight gain.

Many reports consider this claim to be false.
There is no problem in drinking water with food. Apart from this, there is also a research which shows that drinking water with food is harmful. There are many reports on the internet which say that you can easily drink water with food.

What the USA TODAY report says:
This report has been fact-checked. And it has been said that drinking water with food does not cause any harm. This has been believed on the basis of many experts in this report. Michelle Pico, assistant professor at the College of Medicine, said that drinking water during meals does not cause any digestive problems. And water does not dilute digestive juices. Therefore water can be drunk with food. And it is not harmful to health.

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