Shoaib Ibrahim breaks silence on reports of keeping his wife Dipika away from showbiz

TV actor Shoaib Ibrahim often gets criticised by people for keeping his wife, Dipika, away from the showbiz. During an interview with Pinkvilla, Shoaib addressed the persistent criticism surrounding his wife and her absence from the entertainment industry.

Unfazed by trolls, Shoaib shared his perspective, stating that criticism from trolls serves as a reminder of personal growth in life and is an inevitable part of stardom.

 Shoaib Ibrahim | Image: InstagramShoaib’s shares his perspective amid the criticism

During the interview, Shoaib emphasised that while trolls often comment based on their convenience, disregarding their own choices and preferences, both he and Dipika remain unaffected by external opinions. Referring to Dipika’s own statements in interviews, Shoaib highlighted the irony in societal expectations of women supporting empowerment while simultaneously judging them for choosing to prioritise their homes.

 Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika | Image: InstagramHe said, “Dipika bhi apne interviews mein bola hai kahi baar ek taraf puri duniya gaati hain women empowerment, magar ek taraf ladki ghar samhalna chahti hain toh aap bolte ho arrey ye ho gaya, wo ho gaya, toh ye log apni convenience, apni pasand ke hisab se comments karte hain, kahi log usko trolling bol dete hain, kahi log ye bol dete hain. And we are okay with it, koi faraq nahi padhta hain.”

Dipika’s response to hate during pregnancy

During Dipika Kakar’s pregnancy, she faced a barrage of hateful comments on her vlogs, prompting her to release a candid video addressing the hurtful comments. The actress expressed her dismay at being labelled a drama queen and questioned the decency of trolling a pregnant woman by alleging that she faked her baby bump.

 Dipika Kakkar | Image: Instagram“Mai nautankbaaz hoon. Thik hai hoon ab kya. Grow up guys, ap jis tarah comment krte ho meri pregnancy ko lekar is it ok. Aap ye comment kr rahe ho ki mai fake kar rahi hoon bump ko. Aap ek pregnant aurat ko bol rahe ho ye vo sahi hai?”

Challenging the insensitivity of such remarks, Dipika Kakar firmly questioned the acceptability of labling a pregnant woman as fake and called for a more mature approach from online commentators. She urged people to reconsider the impact of their words, especially when directed towards a woman in such a sensitive and special phase of her life.

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