She taught her wife by working as a labourer… As soon as she got a job in Bihar Police, she asked for divorce from her husband, they were married 11 years ago

A unique case of dispute between husband and wife has come to light in Begusarai, Bihar. After marriage, as soon as the wife got a job in Bihar Police, she distanced herself from her husband. After 11 years of marriage, the wife asked for divorce from her husband, for which the wife reached the victim’s village with her family. The husband tried to convince the wife but she remained adamant on her stubbornness. There was a ruckus in the village for a long time. On receiving the information, the police reached the village. They brought both of them to the police station.

The victim husband was stunned by his wife’s demand for divorce. The life partner for whose happiness he worked so hard, left him as soon as she got success. The case is from Darha village of Begusarai. Vijay Kumar, who lives here, was married to Roshni Kumari, a resident of Sanha village of Sahebpur Kamal police station area of ​​the district on 15 June 2013. After marriage, Roshni expressed her desire to study.

Worked to pay for studies

Husband Vijay allowed her to study with complete freedom. He started working at the local Dharm Kanta to bear the expenses of his wife’s education and household expenses. The time of studies passed and Roshni got a government job. In October 2022, she was reinstated as a constable in Bihar Police. The victim’s husband told that after Roshni’s reinstatement, she joined the post of constable in Bihar Police on 15 October 2022. Before going for training, she asked him to take care of himself and meet her soon.

Asked for divorce from husband

Meanwhile, during the training, Roshni started talking less and started increasing the distance between them day by day. Husband Vijay started worrying about his wife’s changed attitude. Suddenly his wife Roshni called him and told him that she would not live with him. He was stunned by this statement of his wife. His wife asked him to break the bond of marriage made 11 years ago. Even after this, the aggrieved husband started trying to convince his wife, but Roshni was not ready to agree.

Roshni reached the village with her father and brother

Roshni’s father and brother started pressuring her to get a divorce from her aggrieved husband. Roshni reached Vijay’s house with her father and brother for divorce. There she asked Vijay for divorce. He refused to give divorce. There was a dispute between the two parties for a long time. Wife Roshni and her family started leaving the village. Vijay and his family stopped them from taking Roshni away. There was a ruckus in the village for an hour. When the local police came to know about this, they reached the village. Bakhri police took both the parties to the police station. A compromise is being made between them.

Report- Bablu/Begusarai

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