Searching secretly on Google Incognito? History is also saved in this, delete it like this

Many of us think that history is not saved on Google Incognito or private mode of other browsers. However, this is not true because even in incognito mode, whatever you search remains saved. In Windows operating system, you can easily see the search history of incognito mode. We use Incognito thinking that no one will be able to trace the search history. But all this gets saved, so let’s see how to delete Incognito history.

Incognito’s search history is saved in the Domain Name System (DNS). This is the place from where you have to delete the search data. When you search something on the internet browser To go to the site, it does not require the URL, but the IP address of the site. DNS finds the IP address of a site for the browser.

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Incognito data is saved here

Therefore, website data keeps getting collected in DNS. The DNS process continues even when you use the Google Incognito tab. Your internet search data is stored locally in DNS Cache. When you next visit a previously used website, the browser takes you to the site faster, because the website’s data is already stored in the DNS Cache.

Incognito History: This is how search data will look

To view incognito history, you will have to do this.

  • Open Command Prompt by searching in the Windows search bar.
  • Now write the command ipconfig /displaydns here and press Enter.
  • Here you will get complete information about DNS Cache history.

Incognito Search: Delete history like this

Follow this process to delete incognito history data.

  • Open the command prompt of the Windows operating system.
  • To clear DNS, type ipconfig /flushdns command.
  • After this your DNS entries will be deleted, and no one will be able to see these details.

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