Scindia’s response to Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘Maharaj’ jibe, calls her a ‘part time leader’ – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

On the last day of campaigning for Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi and Union Minister and BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia came face to face. While addressing a public meeting in Datia on Wednesday, Priyanka Gandhi had taken a dig at Jyotiraditya Scindia by calling him Maharaj. He betrayed the people of Gwalior and Chamba. He is small in height, but is full of ego. In response to this, Scindia hit back and called Priyanka Gandhi a part-time leader.

Priyanka Gandhi while attacking BJP said that their leaders are of very strange type. First it was our Scindia ji. He had worked with him in UP. He is a little short in height, but wow in ego… He said that when he was working in UP, he used to vent out his anger, complaints and resentment on the people of Uttar Pradesh.

Priyanka Gandhi said that every Congress worker used to go to her (Scindia). He used to say that he had to say Maharaj-Maharaj, if people did not call him Maharaj then he had no work.

He sarcastically said that he had followed the traditions of his family well. Many people have betrayed, but he has betrayed the people of Gwalior and Chamba. The people here have been stabbed in the back. The formed government was toppled and then a government was formed there.

Priyanka Gandhi part-time leader-Scindia

Responding to Priyanka Gandhi’s taunt, Scindia gave a befitting reply. He described Priyanka Gandhi as a part-time leader and asked who had imposed emergency in the country to remain in power? Which other family is there, whose present generation is defaming India by going abroad?

He alleged that Priyanka read the written speech and her speech revealed her thinking about Gwalior and Chambal and the people of the state would respond to it.

Scindia said, “Before teaching the lesson of ego that weighs ability with height, please take a look in the mirror yourself.” He said that the Scindia family has repeatedly changed the rule of corrupt and promise-breaking people. The people of the state will then respond to this and wipe out Congress from the state.

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