‘Saved the accused of gambling-drink-rape-murder’… What did the brother of the BJP candidate say while asking for votes? – Khel Ja

The campaign for the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh is nearing an end. In such a situation, the candidates contesting the elections and their supporters are trying their best to woo the voters. In this test of strength, the brother of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Nagaud Assembly seat in Satna district of the state gave a controversial statement. In a controversial statement, Chhatrapal, younger brother of BJP candidate Nagendra Singh, has talked about protecting those who commit murder and rape from the law.

This video of Chhatrapal’s controversial statement is going viral on social media. Due to this viral video, Congress leaders have become attackers on BJP. BJP has fielded senior party leader Nagendra Singh as its candidate from Nagaud Assembly seat in Satna district. Recently, for the election campaign of Nagendra Singh, his younger brother Chhatrapal had organized a street meeting in Uchehra of the assembly constituency. In the Nukkad Sabha, instead of enumerating the achievements of the government, he started enumerating the illegal activities.

Cooperated with those who committed rape and murder

In the viral video, Chhatrapal is seen saying that he was caught gambling. He was caught drinking, had an accident, whatever came my way, I have supported him. He did not stop here and said, whether he has committed rape or has committed murder, I will list the names of each one whom I have helped. I have rescued the murdered person. In the video he is seen saying that the vote is in its place, I am not worried. People are surprised by his controversial statement.

Congress attacked on controversial statement

After the video of this controversial statement came out, opposition political parties attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party. Congress Media Department Chairman KK Mishra has posted the viral video on social media and raised questions on the Bharatiya Janata Party. While uploading the video on social side ‘X’, he has asked the Prime Minister to speak on this matter.

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