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Sachin Pilot is the son of veteran Congress leader Rajesh Pilot of Rajasthan. He has carried forward his father’s legacy in the state and at the Centre. Became MP in 2004 at the age of 26. Elected from family seat Dausa. Then in 2009, after becoming an MP, he took over as a minister in the central government. After this Sachin Pilot was sent into state politics. In 2013, when the party lost badly in Rajasthan under the leadership of Gehlot, Sachin Pilot got the responsibility of Rajasthan Congress President at the age of only 36.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections fought under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, there was a nationwide anti-Congress wave, hence Sachin Pilot had to face defeat in 2014. But Sachin Pilot remained the state president of Congress Party in Rajasthan for about 7 years. Worked hard in the state. After 5 years, Congress party came to power again. Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister and Sachin Pilot became the Deputy CM.

When Sachin left the post of Deputy CM

After about two years, Sachin Pilot rebelled by making various allegations against Ashok Gehlot. The tussle between the two continued for a long time but after the Delhi high command came forward, they reconciled. Although he had to pay the price of rebellion, he left the post of President and Deputy Chief Minister. But despite being just an MLA, Sachin remained such a strong personality in the politics of the state who gave a big challenge to many stalwarts of BJP.

Sachin became a demanding leader in publicity

Sachin Pilot demonstrated his discipline skills many times and kept the high command happy. At every opportunity, he continued to participate in all the political campaigns and campaigns of the high command. He actively campaigned in many assembly elections like Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Karnataka and election rallies in Himachal. Sachin started being called a demanding leader for Congress.

Later, on September 25, the Delhi based high command decided to give the command of Rajasthan to Sachin and the chair of the party president to Gehlot, but in enmity with Sachin, Gehlot not only gave up the chair of the president but due to rebellious attitude on September 25, the MLA The party meeting could not take place. It was from here that sympathy for Sachin and bitterness for Gehlot arose in the heart of the high command.

Rallies in MP along with Rajasthan

Now that the time for elections has come in Rajasthan, the times have once again changed. That status of Sachin started becoming visible in the state which all the stalwarts of Congress could not achieve. Sachin Pilot faces Rajasthan Assembly elections, despite this he was seen going out of his state and campaigning in rallies in the cities of Madhya Pradesh. That means one of his steps was seen in Rajasthan and the other in Madhya Pradesh.

Due to Rahul Gandhi campaigning more in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, it started being speculated that he is paying less attention to Rajasthan. Because according to the tradition of change of power in the state, now it is BJP’s turn to form the government there. After this, Ashok Gehlot appealed to President Mallikarjun Kharge citing that it was sending a wrong message.

After this, posters of Sachin along with Gehlot started appearing in the posters of party guarantees. Then the program of taking out the Guarantee Yatra Rath of Gehlot and Sachin started being made. The surprising thing is that Kamal Nath was declared the CM face in MP and Bhupesh Baghel in Chhattisgarh, but in Rajasthan, despite Gehlot being the CM, he was declared the CM face.

Pope Pilot of Gurjars!

Whatever may be the results of 5 states including Rajasthan, Sachin is the most demanding leader in Congress for pan India campaign after Gandhi family and Kharge. After many leaders of the young generation like Scindia, Jitin, RPN leaving the party, the party also wants to increase the stature of Sachin and preserve him for the future. Sachin, who came out of the ups and downs, considers himself a leader of every caste, community and youth, but after seeing his popularity among the Gujjars on social media and in his rallies, 46-year-old Sachin Pilot, in political satire, has become a leader of the Gujjars. Even the Pope tells.

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