Sachin’s last match and Virat’s 50th century, this connection of Kohli’s historic century is amazing.

No one can forget this day i.e. 15th November in the history of cricket. This day was already recorded in the pages of cricket history, but on Wednesday, another history was added to this date. On 15 November 2023, Virat Kohli scored a century in the semi-final match of ODI World Cup-2023. With this Kohli created history. He went ahead of his idol Sachin Tendulkar. That too on the same ground which is called Sachin’s home and on that date when Sachin played his last match of international cricket.

Kohli played an inning of 117 runs in the semi-final match against New Zealand on Wednesday. This was the 50th century of Kohli’s ODI career and with this he became the batsman who scored the most centuries in ODIs. Till now he was on par with Sachin in this matter. Sachin has 49 centuries in ODIs. But Kohli has now gone ahead of him.

Amazing coincidence of Wankhede

Sachin played his last international match in the year 2013. He played this match as a test match against West Indies at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. Sachin was out in this match on 15 November and did not come to bat again. That is, as a batsman, Sachin had left the stadium for the last time on this day and did not return again. This ground was his home ground. At that time no one had even thought of breaking the records made by Sachin. But after a few years it was said that if anyone can do this work then it is Virat Kohli. 10 years later, on the same ground, on the same date, when Sachin bid farewell to cricket, Kohli broke Sachin’s world record. This is just a coincidence but such a coincidence is making this 50th ODI century of Virat special.

Sachin had predicted

With this, one of Sachin’s predictions also came true. After his retirement, Sachin went to a program whose host was Bollywood star Salman Khan. Salman had asked Sachin who according to him can break his records? On this, Sachin had said that he would be happy if any Indian breaks and Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma have the ability to do so. After 10 years, Kohli made Sachin’s words true by making a big record in his name.

broke another record

Virat broke another record of Sachin in this World Cup. Such a record which was in Sachin’s name for 20 years. Sachin had scored 673 runs in the ODI World Cup played in South Africa in 2003. He was the batsman who scored the most runs in a World Cup. This record of his stood for 20 years. But in the semi-final match against New Zealand, Kohli broke this record also. Before this match, Kohli was 79 runs away from Sachin’s record but now he has gone ahead. Kohli has now scored 711 runs in this World Cup.

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