Red guava has many properties, red guava can remove these health problems

Benefits of Guava: It is very important to take care of health in this busy life. If you do not take proper care of your health, then there is a possibility of many problems. Especially these days, people need to pay special attention to their eating habits. Many problems of the body can be cured by proper diet. Consumption of seasonal fruits is especially important for a healthy body. Various types of fruits are available in the market during monsoon. Guava is also one of them. Usually we eat white guava but do you know that red guava can have many miraculous health benefits. Let us know about the health benefits of red guava-

Keeps the digestive system healthy

Red guava has a cooling effect, it is very good for your stomach. By consuming it you can get rid of stomach related problems. Vitamin C present in red guava can cure many diseases by improving digestion.

relief from constipation


Red guava can be very beneficial for patients suffering from constipation. The fiber present in it helps in passing your stool.

relief from cold

Red guava seeds keep cold and flu away. Therefore, eat guava along with the seeds. Not only this, it is also beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels, thereby controlling high blood pressure.

overcome iron deficiency

Iron can be supplied to the body by consuming red guava. Especially if you chew guava regularly, it can remove iron deficiency in the body.

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