Recovery of fake ticket in Bihar, passenger told to tear ticket, will issue AC challan, wife threatened to rape – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

A video of a fake TTE has surfaced in Gaya, Bihar. Here, at Gaya Railway Junction, a fake TTE is misbehaving with a railway passenger. While demanding money, he is abusing her mother, sister and daughter. This video is from the TTE-TC office in which the fake TTE can be heard with full confidence threatening the passenger with even assault if he does not pay the money. It is being told that this video is from Tuesday which is now going viral on social media.

The fake TTE has been identified as Virendra Kumar. He poses as a fake TTE at Gaya station and collects money and beats up the passenger who does not give him the money. In the video, it can be heard that the fake TTE who is demanding money from the passenger is saying that the ticket you have is Will you tear it apart? What will you do? When the passenger said that this is injustice. On this he tells the passenger to fine the AC coach.

TTE also got involved in recovery

When the passenger says that he did not go in the AC coach then how will you fine him? On this the fake TTE says, I will tell you that you have been caught from the AC coach. What will you do after this? After the video went viral, it is being said that TTE is also involved in the game of extorting money from railway passengers by roaming around in trains in a fake manner. In the video, the fake TTE is also seen abusing the TTE posted there, Vipul Kumar Singh. He is also seen talking wrongly to the passenger about his wife.

Railway Police is saying that no complaint has been received

After the video went viral, Chief Ticket Inspector RR Sinha took cognizance of it and suspended TTE Vipul Kumar Singh, who abused the railway passenger. Meanwhile, fake TTE Virendra Kumar is absconding. Railway station head Sunil Kumar Dwivedi, who got involved in the case, said that he has received information about the video going viral, but no written complaint has been made in the matter by the railway passenger or at the departmental level in the railway station.

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