Recipe of the Day: Make peanut chutney in winter season, it is very tasty….

With the onset of winter season, peanuts have also started arriving in the market. A large number of people consume peanuts during the winter season. People like to taste it with jaggery. Do you know that you can also make delicious chutney from it? It is very easy to create it.


necessary ingredients:

  • three bowls peanuts
  • twenty cloves of garlic
  • ten green chillies
  • salt as per taste
  • ten spoons of oil
  • Water
  • Three spoons of mustard seeds,
  • Fifteen curry leaves.



– Roast the peanuts in a pan and remove the peels.

– After this, add peanuts, garlic, green chillies in the mixer jar and grind them with the help of water.

– Now heat oil in a pan and sprinkle mustard seeds and curry leaves in it.

– Now pour it on the peanut mixture.

In this way your chutney is made.

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