Raja Kumari: I do feel my influence on Bollywood right now

In a recent interview with IANS, Rapper has opened up on her Bollywood dream, working with Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Sushmita Sen.

Svetha Yallapragada Rao, known by her stage name, Kumari has lent her vocal prowess for the track titled ‘ in Aarya 3, starring Sen in the lead.

Speaking about her Bollywood dream coming true, Kumari told IANS,”Yes I love the Bollywood dream. I have been easter egging this and for someone who grew up in America, Bollywood was my connection to my culture, understanding how to be Indian, because we didn’t have many examples other than our parents.”

“So, I think between Shah Rukh, Madhuri and Sushmita, I have watched their many performances, films, and I am fan of them, and I always thought of working with them. And now I am here I just want to enjoy and do a lot more. I always wanted to come into Bollywood to influence it, and I do feel my influence on Bollywood right now.”

On her collaboration with Sen for Aarya 3, the ‘Afreeda’ singer said, “She is a sherni, like actually a real deal. In the same way it was easy to write the ‘Jawan’ anthem for SRK, because it was a song dedicated to him from us that is the fans.

“I feel I am just a big fan of everybody, so when I get into these positions to write these theme songs, I just want to celebrate how Sushmita makes me feel. And when I see her I feel powerful. Being on set with her, watching her command that much energy, and just being such a boss, is so inspiring, I feel like I took a lot from that day. I saw myself in her and I saw like maybe in the future, I want to be that powerful too,” she shared.


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