Raj will open ‘Blue Diary’ in Elvish Yadav case, deal of snake poison was done through app – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

A big revelation has come to light in the rave party case related to Elvish Yadav. The seized phone and blue diary of accused Rahul are revealing many secrets in this case. According to sources, police have received information about many social media platforms from Rahul’s phone, through which clues have been found about Rahul’s dealing in snake venom. Accused Rahul uses different social media platforms for communication and different ones for money transactions.

Rahul is so cunning that whenever he used to talk to any person (party) about snake venom, he used different apps through social media. Used to use different social media platform apps for money transactions.

Police investigating the names recorded in the blue diary

These are those social media apps which are not easily available on Play Store or public platforms. Police have found many suspicious numbers from the phone of accused Rahul. Which is being investigated by Noida Police. There are many names in the phone of accused Rahul and the blue diary seized by the police, which have become the scope of investigation of Noida Police.

Police found many videos in the phone

Police have also found many videos in the phone of accused Rahul, which are being investigated. The people present in the video are being identified. Noida Police has also got some leads regarding the link between Elvish and Rahul. Rahul is being interrogated regarding this on Thursday. Police are now waiting for the lab report of 20ML snake venom. Which Noida Police has sent to the lab in Jaipur.

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