Rahul Gandhi started election campaign with Gehlot-Pilot in Rajasthan, said- we are together – Khel Ja

Before the assembly elections in Rajasthan, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi came out for election campaign. Rahul Gandhi was seen with Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and former Deputy Chief Minister Secretary Pilot during the election campaign on Thursday. While addressing the election rally in Churu, Rahul Gandhi said that we are together. We will stay together and together form the government in Rajasthan.

Attacking PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi privatizes schools, colleges and hospitals and gives all the benefits to billionaires.

He said that the Congress government opened English schools to promote education in Rajasthan. BJP leaders say study Hindi and their own children are studying in English medium schools. They want the poor child to do farming only. If you want to dream big and work on the internet, then English is required.

We help the poor and Modi helps Adani: Rahul

He has promised to give Rs 10,000 a year to women, gas cylinder for Rs 500 and laptop to those studying in government schools. Modi implemented GST. Farmers have to pay taxes. They help Adani and the money of the poor is being used abroad. We are putting money in the pockets of farmer labourers.

He said that the BJP government will come and destroy everything we have done for you. Then she will start helping the billionaires. He said that at the time of Corona, people were dying all over the country, there was no medicine, there was no oxygen. Then Modi ji had asked to switch on the mobile lights and play thali, but there was a Congress government in Rajasthan and there was the Bhilwara model. Food packets were being distributed in every house and medicines were being given, because Congress always runs the government of the poor.

BJP leaders have been making false allegations-Gehlot

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that BJP leaders will come and make false allegations against the Gandhi family, which has not taken any post for 30 years. Why does he have stomach ache? Why target them, target us, attack on Gandhi family means that Gandhi family has more credibility.

Gehlot said that we have given the guarantee. He completed them in the inflation relief camp, so he is nervous. The time Sonia Gandhi came to Jaipur. Took her guidance and blessings the same day she arrived. 25 years ago, after becoming the President, Sonia Gandhi decided to make me the Chief Minister.

He said that we made a law regarding paper leak. We took action. There were paper leaks in the previous government too, but no one talks about it. He claimed that Congress government is going to be formed in Rajasthan.

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