Pulimada on OTT: When and where to watch Joju George starrer

Pulimada, starring Joju George debuted in theatres on October 26. The film failed to perform at the box office and now under a month after its release, it will be available to stream on OTT. The Malayalam movie will start streaming on Netflix on November 23.

Pulimada to stream on Netflix

Despite Pulimada‘s dismal box office performance, moviegoers are excited for its streaming service debut. It’s almost time for the movie to stream on OTT after its four-week theatrical run. Joju George starrer will stream on Netflix on November 23. It will be in several languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Hindi.



What is the plotline of Pulimada?

The story of Pulimada revolves around a police officer named Vincent, who is played by Joju George in the film. An unmarried man living a normal life in the countryside of Kerala, when he is finally about to get married, an incident scars him that makes him go over the edge.

Finally going berserk, Vincent takes to alcohol as he begins to seek out dangerous thrills. All of this turns him into a mental wreck that soon ends up becoming a danger to the others around him as well.

 The official poser of Pulimada | Image: IMDb

Pulimada marks cinematographer Venu’s return to Malayalam cinema after a nine-year break. Under the banner of Appu Pathu Pappu Production House, Ink Lab Cinemas, and Land Cinemas, Rajesh Damodaran and Sijo Vadakkan collaborated to produce the film. January 5, 2022, saw the start of principal photography for the movie amid a ceremonial pooja at the Mount Avenue Hotel in Ambalavayal.

In addition to Joju George, Lijomol also plays an important role in Pulimada. Other important characters are played by Balachandra Menon, Chemban Vinod, Johnny Antony, Jafar Idukki, Jio Baby, Abu Salim, Sona Nair, Krishna Prabha, Pauly Wilson, Shibila etc.

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