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Many political families are in the fray in Rajasthan Assembly elections. However, the most talked about family is from where four faces are in the electoral fray. Not only this, among these uncle and niece are beating each other. Here we are talking about the political Mirdha family of Nagaur. Four members of Mirdha family are contesting elections from 3 assembly seats of Nagaur district. The most interesting contest is visible on Nagaur assembly seat. Here uncle and niece from the family are contesting elections against each other.

This time BJP has made Jyoti Mirdha, who was in Congress for a long time, its candidate from Nagaur assembly seat. At the same time, Congress has also fielded Harendra Mirdha, uncle of Dr. Jyoti Mirdha from the Mirdha family, on the same seat. The competition between uncle and niece remains quite interesting.

Nagaur is the stronghold of politics in Rajasthan

Nagaur district, which has a distinct identity since the princely state, is considered the stronghold of politics in Rajasthan. The Mirdha family of Kuchera town of Nagaur district has been dominant since the princely times. Since independence, Rajasthan has had political dominance first under the leadership of Baldevram Mirdha and then his son Ramniwas Mirdha and his family Nathuram Mirdha. This time BJP and Congress have expressed confidence in the Mirdha family in Nagaur.

Mirdha family discussed in political circles

After separation of Didwana and Kuchaman districts from Nagaur district, there are 5 assembly constituencies left in Nagaur. Out of 5 assembly seats, 2 assembly seats Merta and Jayal are reserve seats. There are three assembly seats behind, and this time the Congress government has fielded members of the Mirdha family on all three seats of Nagaur.

Congress nominated Harendra Mirdha from Nagaur Assembly, Vijaypal Mirdha from Degana Assembly and Tejpal Mirdha from Khinvsar. At the same time, BJP has also fielded Dr. Jyoti Mirdha from Nagaur assembly seat, playing a bet on Mirdha family. Now a contest will be seen between uncle and niece from Nagaur assembly seat.

Congress played a gamble to woo Jat community

This time in the Rajasthan Assembly elections, the Congress government in Nagaur district was completely kind to the Mirdha family. Congress has fielded the Mirdha family on 3 assembly seats in Nagaur district. Caste equation can be seen behind this. In Nagaur district, there are more Jat voters than others in vote banking, and along with Jat voters, the Mirdha family is believed to have a good hold in politics. For this reason, the Congress government has fielded the Mirdha family from Jat caste on all three seats except two reserved seats in Nagaur district.

(Input-Damodar Enaniyan)

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