PM Modi shared his experience of campaigning in MP-Chhattisgarh, how was the enthusiasm seen among women and youth?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has named his campaign on social media during the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections as a campaign to seek blessings from the public. He has written that this time’s campaign was very special. I went to every corner of the state. Met many people, talked to them. He said that the affection and faith that common people have towards BJP is our biggest asset.

The Prime Minister has written that this time in the elections of Madhya Pradesh, women power is coming forward and raising the flag of BJP. He wrote that women empowerment is the priority of our party. This is the reason why the women of the state have also made up their mind about the return of the BJP government.

There is great hope from the youth of MP- PM Modi

While addressing the youth, Prime Minister Modi has written that today’s new generation is looking at the next 25 years of the country and its own 25 years together. This is the reason why today’s young generation has the resolve for a developed India. The youth are coming forward shoulder to shoulder to fulfill their responsibilities.

Only BJP can bring development- PM

Along with this, he further wrote that only BJP can make Madhya Pradesh developed in the 21st century. The people of MP have seen the benefits of double engine government and have understood its need. While sharing his experience of the rallies, he wrote that the people of MP were very angry with the dynastic politics and negativity of the Congress.

People of Chhattisgarh are full of energy- Modi

Along with Madhya Pradesh, he also shared the experience gained during the election campaign of Chhattisgarh. He wrote- It is said that Chhattisgarhia is the best. He said that I heard its echo all around. He wrote that the hardworking people of Chhattisgarh are full of new hopes and new energy to make their state better. He wrote that only BJP can free Chhattisgarh from the clutches of misgovernance and corruption.

The youth of Chhattisgarh took a pledge

He wrote that Chhattisgarh is going to complete its 25 years in the next few years. The youth of the state who are going to vote for the first time are moving forward with the dreams of a prosperous Chhattisgarh. He said that the youth of the state have taken the pledge of developed India as well as developed Chhattisgarh in the next 25 years.

He said that today the way the youth of SC, ST and OBC categories of the state are connecting with our development model is very encouraging. This power of the youth of Chhattisgarh is going to write a new chapter of change.

Impact of women empowerment in Chhattisgarh also

Mahtari of Chhattisgarh, our sisters and daughters have also raised the flag of development of the state. Today, the way India is trying for women empowerment, we can see its impact in Chhattisgarh also.

He wrote that BJP is determined and committed to fulfill all its resolutions. I assure the people of Chhattisgarh that the BJP government coming to the state will be the government of your aspirations and the prosperity of the state.

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