PM Modi – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

Addressing the Vijay Sankalp Maharally in Mungeli, Chhattisgarh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Modi wants to free you from every crisis, wants to improve your life, wants to take you, that is why Congress hates Modi. The hatred of Congress has increased so much that it has started hating Modi’s caste also.

PM Modi said that for the last several months, the entire OBC community has been abusing in the name of Modi. Abuse is abuse, Congress is refusing to apologize even after being asked by the court. This is an example of how much Congress hates OBCs. Prime Minister Modi said that I wholeheartedly thank the people of Chhattisgarh for voting overwhelmingly in favor of BJP in the first phase. Today I especially want to express my gratitude to the women and youth of Chhattisgarh. I respectfully salute his strong decision, his faith and attachment towards BJP.

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