Pippa-helmer Raja Menon reveals Shahid Kapoor starrer Dingko Singh biopic is shelved; here’s why

Back in 2018, there were reports about filmmaker Raja Menon who recently directed the Ishaan Khatter starrer Pippa, planning a biopic on the former boxing champion Dingko Singh, who won a gold medal at the Asian Games.

Menon was set to direct, and Shahid Kapoor was supposed to portray the lead role while also producing the film. Now, the director has revealed that the film has been shelved.

The Dingko Singh biopic starring Shahid Kapoor has been shelved

During a recent interaction with News18, Raja Menon revealed that the biopic on Dingko Singh is not going forward. Sharing details on this matter, the director of films like Airlift and Chef further revealed that it was a boxing film they were discussing. There was a specific time for it, and sometimes, you need to move on.

But this incident didn’t affect his friendship with Shahid Kapoor, and they still talk about scripts and are optimistic about working together in the future. He said, “Having said that, Shahid is a very dear of mine. Shahid, Ishaan and I’ve spent a lot of time together. We keep talking about different stuff and ideas.”

Raja Menon on working with Shahid Kapoor

Raja Menon also mentioned that he prefers not to rush into a collaboration with Shahid Kapoor. It’s crucial to find the right story and character that Shahid can seamlessly fit into. He said, “Shahid and I speak about these ideas a lot but as Ishaan says if I were to find a subject, it has to do justice to so many things including the character Shahid needs to play. There are bigger factors at play in terms of the kind of story we need to tell. Hopefully, we’ll find a script that will be great.”

He concluded by saying that they are friends, and he has realized that he truly wants to make films with friends.

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