Pilgrimage to the relics of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahib takes place at Khankahe Barkatiya, lakhs of pilgrims come. – Khel Ja

Marhara, a small town situated between Ganga and Yamuna at the end of Braj in Uttar Pradesh, is the center of religious faith. The center is because here is the Dargah Sharif Khankah Barkatiya of the Qadri order, and the relics of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahib of Mazhab-e-Islam are attached to this Khanqah. This Khanqah is also a symbol of Ganga-land culture. The elders here have given the message of love and peace through Sufism, and this trend continues even today. This is the specialty that devotees of every religion come to the trust of the elders here with their wishes.

Sharif Khankahe Barkatiya, the Dargah of Sufi elders located in Marhara in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh, has its own identity not only in the country but also in West Asia. This Khanqah has a spiritual relationship with the Gulf country Iraq. The elders of Khankahe Barkatiya have received the Caliphate from Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahmatullah Alaiha, located in Baghdad Sharif, Iraq.

urse qasami

Millions of pilgrims visit the holy sites

Holy signs of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahib

Pilgrims from many countries come to the Urs organized at Dargah Sharif. Pilgrims coming for Urs are made to visit the holy relics of Hazrat Mohammad Sahib here. Seeing these moments, the pilgrims start praying with their hands raised in the temple of God. Pilgrims are made to pray for the Mubarak (hair of the beard), the footprints (footprint on the stone) and the Mubarak of Hazrat Mohammad Sahib. Is. The holy relics of Maula Ali, Hazrat Imam Hussain, Hazrat Imam Hasan and Hujur Ghaus Pak are also visited.

Dargah Sharif Khankah Barkatiya

Dargah Sharif Khankah Barkatiya

Holy relics came from Gulf countries in the 17th century

These sacred relics passed through the Gulf countries centuries ago and reached the elders of Dargah Sharif Khankah Barkatiya of Marhara in about the 17th century. The elders of Khanqah have been keeping these sacred relics with great care from time to time. These sacred signs are called Tabarruqat. Lakhs of pilgrims flock to Dargah Sharif to pay their respects. Syed Najeeb Haider Noori, the head of Dargah Sharif, says, ‘For centuries, hair from the beard of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahib have been kept in Dargah Sharif as a memento of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahib (Muay Mubarak). ‘Huzoor’s feet are noble and Huzoor’s shoes are happy.’ He tells that all these blessings reached Hazrat Syed Shah Hamza Aini Rahmatullah Alaih, the elder of Khanqah Sharif in the 17th century. These holy relics are kept with utmost safety and respect, and their pilgrimage is done on the occasion of Urs.

Urse Marehara

Holy symbol of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahib

Congratulations to Maula Ali’s Jubba, Hazrat Imam Hussain’s beard hair.

Apart from these holy symbols on Dargah Sharif, there are also blessed hairs from the beard of Hazrat Imam Hassan and Hazrat Imam Hussain Shaheed Karbala. Nawab of Meerut Ruhullah Khan gave these to Huzoor Sahibul Barkat. The beard hair of Hazrat Ali (RA) was gifted to Mubarak by the grandmother of the elderly Hazrat Achhe Mian. Hazrat Maula Ali’s Jubba Mubarak passed through Iran to Iraq, and from here to Khwaja Garib Nawaz Dargah Sharif in Ajmer Sharif, India. From here via Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya it reached Khankahe Barkati of Marhara.

Syed Najeeb Noori

Sajjadanshin Syed Najeeb Haider Noori asking for prayers

Sange Khaibari (Enchanting Stone)

Sange Khaibri is a symbol of the greatness of Maula Ali. In the book Hayate Mahaikhe Marhara, Dr. Ahmed Mujtaba Siddiqui writes that Maula Ali needed to tie a horse in a field. There was no rope to tie the horse. You had taken out silk from a stone and tied it to the horse there. This Sange Khaibari is a piece of the same stone. Along with this, the hair of Hazrat Ghaus Pak’s beard and the grains of his praise are also present at Dargah Sharif.

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