PICS: Modern Family cast reunite, Ty Burrell aka Phil Dunphy gives it a miss

The ever charming cast of `Modern Family` had a reunion on Wednesday evening. The cast came together for the first time after the finale was aired in April 2020. Actress Sofia Vergara who played the intimidating yet loving Gloria Delgado-Pritchett took to social media to share some pictures from their happy reunion.

It was the `first Modern Family` reunion since the show concluded three years ago.

However, the reunion was not completed as one of the primary cast members was missing from the party. Ty Burrell, who played the role of Phil Dunphy was not able to be present for the reunion. While the reason for the same is not known, the reel family had a way to make him feel included. In the group picture, Ariel Winter who played Alex Dunphy is seen holding a picture of her onscreen father.



However, seeing them all dressed in black and holding a framed picture of Ty led some fans to believe for a minute that something untoward happened with the actor. “Bruh i thought Phill died, i almost had a mini heart attack,” commented a fan on the photo.

Another fan wrote, “Typical Phil, making us think the worse. He should have been the robot ipad thing if he couldn`t make it”

Another user wrote, “Had to google and check that Phil was still alive…. ”

“The floral arrangement in the middle doesnt help either… and everyone was wearing black,” read a comment.

In anther picture shared by  Sarah and Ariel who played the Dunphy sisters on the show were seen posing with their drinks. Seems like the bond between the sisters is still intact.

Sofia did a separate post for her onscreen husband Jay Pritchett played by Ed O’neil. She also shared happy pictures of her and Jesse Tyler sitting on the floor and laughing. The actress also shared a video of the cast sending love to Ty. Putting a picture of Ty on the mantle, the cast is seen looking at it and screaming “We miss you Ty` and a loud `I love you dad` from Sarah.





Julie Bowen who played Claire Dunphy, mother to three was also at the reunion looking young as ever. She posed with her now grown up onscreen kids in one of the pictures shared by Jesse.

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