One piece of jaggery and hot water is a boon for women, they will get relief from these diseases.

Benefits of eating jaggery: Jaggery is not only tasty but also helps in curing many diseases. Jaggery contains natural sweetness which benefits your body. Jaggery is hot in nature, hence eating jaggery in winter brings warmth to the body. Jaggery is rich in nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, folate, magnesium, selenium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium. Eating jaggery keeps you healthy. Women should use jaggery in their diet (Benefits of Jaggery for Women). Eating one piece of jaggery daily and drinking warm water with it provides relief from many problems of women.

Benefits of jaggery for women

1- Relief in UTI infection- Women often suffer from UTI. You can consume jaggery to get relief from urinary tract infection (UTI). Jaggery is a diuretic, eating it makes defecation cleaner. It also reduces swelling in the toilet area. Helps in eliminating bacteria. For this, mix 1 piece of jaggery and hot water and drink it.

2- Relief from menstrual pain- Some women experience severe pain and cramps during periods. In such a situation, you must consume jaggery. Jaggery contains magnesium and selenium elements which reduce pain. It also reduces weakness during periods. Jaggery contains iron which provides relief from period problems.


3- Remove anemia- Women often suffer from the problem of anemia and low hemoglobin. In such a situation, anemia can be avoided by consuming jaggery. Jaggery contains iron and folate which are beneficial for women. Pregnant women must eat jaggery.

4- In premenstrual syndrome- PMS. Due to which women are troubled, eating jaggery in limited quantity produces happy hormones or endorphins in the body. It makes you feel happy and stress free. It also helps in purifying the blood. Eating jaggery also relieves skin related problems.

5- Balances hormones- Jaggery balances hormones in women. Women go through thyroid, PCOD and many other problems due to hormonal imbalance. For this you should drink 1 piece of jaggery and hot water. Jaggery contains potassium which also reduces swelling.

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