Now you can also make delicious Vadi like the market at home, here is the easy recipe.

Recipe News Desk!!! Vadi which is often made in winter and stored in an airtight container. It is made from potatoes, brinjal and many vegetables. Many types of traditional vadi are made everywhere, so today we will tell you the recipe of Chhattisgarhi vadi. Vadi is such a vegetable which you can prepare anytime and eat instantly. Whenever we do not have any vegetable or do not feel like eating green vegetables, we can prepare vadi vegetable and eat it. So without any delay let us know how we can easily make instant vadi at home.

ingredients to make big

  • urad dal
  • Petha or Rakiya, smoothed or grated
  • coriander leaves
  • Ginger
  • cumin powder
  • Green chilly
  • Garlic

how to make bigger

  • To make Vadi, first soak urad dal in water overnight.
  • Next morning, wash the peels thoroughly with water and make a thick paste in the mixer.
  • Place the urad dal paste in a large pan and add grated rakiya to it.
  • After this, add green coriander, ginger, garlic (optional), chilli, roasted cumin in the mixer and grind it.
  • Add everything to the urad dal batter, mix well and now start making vadi from it.
  • To make Vadi, clean a big plate or ceiling and spread a clean cotton cloth on it.
  • Now make small round vadi in it and keep it in the sun to dry.
  • After three to four days, when the rice dries, separate it from the cloth and dry it thoroughly in the sun for two to four days.

Tips for making vadi

  • Do not add extra water to the batter to make vadi, otherwise the vadi will not become round and will spread when kept in a cloth.
  • After grating the Rakiya or Petha fruit thoroughly, wash it thoroughly with water in a big tub.
  • Place the grated rakiya or petha in a cloth or net and squeeze out the water so that the batter does not become wet due to excess water.
  • Another way to make vadi
  • This is a very simple vadi, made only with urad dal paste.
  • For this vada, soak the dal in water, grind it and then make small vadas out of it and dry it in a cotton cloth.
  • Its edges are as small as marble.
  • Nothing is mixed in this vadi.

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