Now use bamboo bottles instead of plastic, you will get earning opportunities along with health.

Bamboo Bottle: Use of plastic causes many types of harm to the body. Therefore, single use plastic has been completely banned in our country. In such a situation, people are focusing their attention towards better alternatives to plastic. If you are also looking for a healthy alternative to plastic bottles, then bamboo bottles can be the best for you. The special thing about this bottle is that along with improving your health, it is also promoting employment. Especially its production is being promoted by the MSME Ministry. Bamboo bottles range in capacity from 750 ml to 1 litre. Along with this, its starting price starts from Rs 300. Let us know what is the specialty of bamboo bottle?

Bamboo bottles do not spoil

Bamboo obtained from the forests of Tripura is used in making bamboo bottles. Its special thing is that this bottle will never spoil. Also the water inside it will remain natural. There will be no chemical of any kind in it. In such a situation, this water can be better for your health.

people are getting employment


Many people are getting employment from bamboo bottles. Especially in areas where bamboo bottles are made, people are getting new employment opportunities. Along with this, a large number of people are joining this job.

Where to get training

According to Khadi Village Industries Commission, to get training in making bamboo bottles, information can be obtained from the website of National Bamboo Mission, This website will not only give you information on making bamboo bottles, but will also give you information on making many other things.

You Bamboo Bottling Industry start at how much can do ,

According to the Madhya Pradesh government, the cost of starting a unit for making bamboo bottles or other materials can be Rs 15 lakh.

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