Not a territory I would want to go over again: Andrew Scott on playing villain after ‘Spectre

London: British star Andrew Scott says he is not interested in playing an out-and-out negative role after his turn as Bond villain C in Daniel Craig-starrer movie “Spectre”.


Scott portrayed new MI5 boss Max Denbigh, condenamed C, in the Sam Mendes-directed 2015 movie.

The actor believes he wasn’t “that good” in the film.

“If I’m honest, it’s not a territory that I feel like I would want to go over again. Now I know who I am a little bit more, I feel like the work that I’m just interested in doing is more in the grey areas. I suppose it’s just that I didn’t think… I just maybe wasn’t that good in it,” Scott said in an interview with GQ magazine.

The actor will next be seen in Andrew Haigh’s “All of Us Strangers,” premiering on December 22. The film follows Scott’s Adam as he enters a relationship with Harry (Paul Mescal). Switching between reality and the supernatural, Adam returns to his childhood home to find that his parents are alive, despite their supposed deaths when he was 12.

Scott said filming the movie was a “gratifying and cathartic” experience as he could relate to the moment when Adam comes out to his parents.

“I had a very happy childhood. But there’s an inevitable pain that you have to go through when you have to take a risk telling your family something about yourself.

“I really do think that that is a gift now, because to have to risk everything, and for your family and friends to say ‘we accept you no matter what,’ that’s a real feeling of love that you get confirmed at a very young age, that actually some people who aren’t queer don’t get. I mean, some queer people aren’t so lucky,” he said.

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