No degree, no experience, straight surgery… 4 fake doctors arrested in Delhi

Delhi Police has exposed fake doctors and their medical team. All these accused used to perform surgeries by calling themselves doctors. Used to play with people’s lives. Police have made sensational revelations while arresting 4 people. Police said that on October 10, 2022, a female complainant resident of Sangam Vihar had lodged a complaint at the Greater Kailash police station, in which she alleged that on September 19, 2022, she had gone to Aggarwal Medical Center, GK-1 for the removal of gallstones of her husband. Had taken.

The complainant alleges that before the surgery started, the hospital director Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal said that the surgery would be performed by surgeon Dr. Jaspreet Singh. But shortly before the surgery, Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal told that due to some important work, Dr. Jaspreet Singh could not come to perform the surgery and now Dr. Mahendra Singh will do the surgery.

These fake doctors did the operation

Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal also introduced Dr. Mahendra Singh to the complainant. Apart from this, a nurse present at that time also introduced a woman as Dr. Pooja. Dr. Pooja also instructed the nurse to measure her husband’s BP. Further, the complainant said that her husband’s surgery was done by Dr. Mahendra Singh, Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal and Dr. Pooja.

Later admitted to Safdarjung Hospital

The complainant also alleged that later he came to know that Dr. Mahendra Singh and Dr. Pooja were not doctors. After the operation, the patient (her husband) was brought outside the operation theater and he was complaining of severe pain. Later he was taken to Safdarjung Hospital. Where he was declared dead.

prepared fake documents

Police had registered a case FIR number 210/22 PS GK-I under section 304/196/197/198/201/120B IPC dated 25/10/22. Investigation into the matter was started. During the investigation, the police came to know that Dr. Jaspreet Singh Bajwa was not present in Greater Kailash-1 at the time of the surgery of deceased Asgar Ali on 19 September 2022. Apart from this, it was also revealed that Dr. Jaspreet Singh had prepared fake documents regarding the surgery of the deceased.

During further investigation, it was also revealed that since 2016, around seven complaints were filed with the Delhi Medical Council by various complainants against Agarwal Medical Center and Dr. Neeraj Agarwal and his wife Pooja Agarwal, in which the patient lost his life.

Medical board called for investigation

Police said that on October 27, 2023, another patient was operated on to remove gallstones. Later that patient also died. On January 01, 2023, a medical board consisting of four doctors was called to investigate the alleged medical center. Many shortcomings were seen. During investigation, it was revealed that Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal, Director of Aggarwal Medical Center, often prepared fake documents related to the treatment/surgeries of patients.

Police confiscated these items

On 14 November 2023, four accused Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal (MBBS) Prof. Aggarwal Medical Centre, his wife Pooja Aggarwal, allegedly Dr Pooja Aggarwal (previously working as an assistant at the centre), Mahender (former lab technician) and Dr Jaspreet MBBS (MS) who prepared the fake surgery note . Everyone was arrested. During the police action and search of the house, documents and goods were recovered and confiscated from the house of Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal. In which 414 prescription slips. 2 Registers which contain details of those patients. Whose Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) was done at Aggarwal Medical Centre.

Along with this, police seized many banned medicines. Many injections which should not have been in stores other than the hospital. Used surgical blades. Check books of 47 different banks. 54 ATM cards of different banks. Have recovered. Police said that the investigation of this entire matter is still going on.

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