New parties come and go in every election of Rajasthan, independents become kingmakers on their own.

There may be a direct contest between Congress and BJP in Rajasthan Assembly elections, but other regional parties including BSP, RLP are also in the fray. Apart from this, many small and newly formed parties have also come forward to try their luck. In 2018, 56 parties had fielded their candidates, but after the elections most of them were eliminated. This time, more than 58 parties, big and small, are in the fray, out of which a dozen new political parties have fielded their candidates in the battlefield. Let’s see whether the small parties make a big splash or will they become anonymous?

Bharatiya Adivasi Party (BAP) was formed a week before the announcement of Rajasthan Assembly elections. BAP has its political base among the tribal community of Mewar-Wagad. BAP has fielded its candidates on 21 seats. After Congress and BJP, BSP has fielded its candidates on all 200 seats, but 9 of its candidates have left the field. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is contesting on 88 seats in Rajasthan, while MP Hanuman Beniwal’s RLP has fielded candidates on 78 seats.

1875 candidates are contesting elections in Rajasthan

BTP is contesting on 12 seats, CPM and RLD on 17 seats. Apart from this, Ajay Chautala’s JJP is trying its electoral luck on 25 seats. In this way, in 2018, 56 small and big political parties had fielded their candidates, while this time 58 parties along with two new parties are contesting the elections. In this way, 1875 candidates including political parties and independent candidates are in the fray, whose fate will be decided by the voters on November 25.

At the time of 2018 assembly elections, 9 new parties were formed in the state and a total of 56 parties contested the elections, but this time along with two new parties, 12 new parties have entered the electoral battle in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Raj Party, Arjun Bharat National Party, Bhim Tribal Congress, Vijay Jan Party, Bharat Adivasi Party, Rashtriya Sarva Manch, Jabro Desh Mharo, National Jan Mandal Party, Nav Hind Party, Rashtriya Janata Sena, Dhartiputra Vikas Party and Social Progressive Party.

Small parties were not successful in Rajasthan

Small parties are not able to show great charisma in the politics of Rajasthan. The politics of the state is confined between Congress and BJP. Voters also keep switching these two parties to power. Among smaller parties, BSP definitely wins five to six seats in every election to become the third force, but after that they are unable to stay together. In the last elections, RLP, which came into political existence, showed its presence by winning two seats, but its hopes of becoming kingmaker could not be fulfilled.

The deposits of 15 candidates of Congress and BJP were confiscated in 2018, while more than 90 percent of the candidates of smaller parties could not save their deposits. The deposits of three BJP candidates and 12 Congress candidates were forfeited. Even veteran leaders like Ghanshyam Tiwari, Surendra Goyal and Rohitash Kumar could not save their deposits.

If we look at the figures of the last assembly elections, Congress got 39.30 percent votes and BJP got 38.77 percent votes. There was a slight difference of only half a percent of votes between the two parties, but due to this difference there was a difference of 27 seats between the two parties. At the same time, small parties of the state got about 12 percent votes, while independent candidates got 9.47 percent votes and won 13 seats. In this way, independents have more power to make or break the game of any party than smaller parties?

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