Neither did he get his hair cut nor wore shoes for one and a half years… Why did Kanhaiyalal’s son take such a vow? – Khel Ja

Tailor Kanhaiyalal was murdered by slitting his throat in broad daylight last year in June 2022 in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. This sensational incident took place in Bhoot Mahal Gali of Maldas Street in Dhan Mandi police station area of ​​Udaipur. Kanhaiyalal was murdered by Riyaz and Gos Mohammad. Kanhaiyalal is survived by his wife and two sons. Kanhaiyalal’s elder son Yash had taken a vow while offering funeral pyre to his father that he would not get his hair cut until his father’s murderer was given death sentence. Nor will he wear shoes and slippers on his feet.

Even today Kanhaiyalal’s family is waiting for the death sentence of those accused. Elder son Yash tells that today the whole house has heard without his father. The government may have given him a job, but his father has not yet got justice. After the murder, when many big leaders came to meet him. He only assured that he will get justice soon by taking the case to the fast track court.
But nothing like this has happened yet.

Go to office without shoes and slippers

While paying his last respects, elder son Yash had taken a vow that his father’s accused would not be given the harshest punishment. Till then neither will wear shoes or slippers on their feet. Nor will you get your hair cut. Yash does not wear shoes even today. Even when he goes to his office, he goes without slippers.

Kanhaiyalal’s ashes are also waiting

It has been one and a half years since the Kanhaiyalal murder case, but his ashes have not been immersed yet. Kanhaiyalal’s ashes are still at his house. She is also waiting for the death sentence of the accused. Kanhaiya Lal’s family says that until Kanhaiya Lal’s accused are not punished. Till then even his ashes will not be immersed.

A total of 11 arrested including the main accused

This murder was done because Taylor Kanhaiyalal had supported Nupur Sharma. In return he had to lose his life. After the murder, many protests took place not only in Udaipur but across the country and a total of 11 accused including the main accused Riyaz and Ghos were arrested by the NIA and the local police but now everyone is waiting for the hanging of the accused.

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