Nawgati To Expand Footprint In More Cities To Ease Fuel Station Congestion, Aims To Add 2,000 New Stations: CEO Vaibhav Kaushik | Exclusive

The growing demand towards cleaner and more sustainable fuel alternatives in response to increasing pollution from vehicular emissions has led to a significant increase in the adoption of CNG-powered vehicles and even EVs in the country.

Manufacturers have been actively introducing vehicles equipped with CNG engines, contributing to a heightened demand for CNG fuel. Consequently, we often see elongated queues of vehicles outside CNG refueling stations, where individuals spend a considerable amount of time waiting for their turn to refuel their vehicles.

To address this issue, Jagran English spoke to Vaibhav Kaushik, CEO, Nawgati, who shared his insights about his company, which was also featured in Shark Tank India. Speaking about Nawgati, Kaushik said it is India’s pioneering fuel-aggregator platform, which offers users an easy way of identifying fuel stations with high customer traffic. He further said that the platform directs users to alternative stations, ensuring a prompt and hassle-free refueling experience.

“Regardless of whether your vehicle runs on petrol, diesel, or electricity, Nawgati ensures a seamless refueling experience. The platform provides real-time information on fuel station locations, fuel availability, prices and estimated waiting times. Additionally, we are introducing features to enhance your overall vehicle management, addressing compliance issues by sending timely notifications and facilitating necessary actions through our data center. Future developments may include services like coordinating engine oil changes. While our current features focus on guiding you to covered stations, our goal is to offer an end-to-end, comprehensive experience,” he added.

Nawgati operates by providing outlets with a dashboard for monitoring ongoing activities and the end consumer gains access to this dashboard through a consumer-facing app. Nawgati is currently functioning in the Delhi NCR and the Mumbai region, with a presence in some parts of Ahmedabad and aims to aggressively expand in all of Gujarat. Nawgati also has live outlets in Kolkata and nearby cities but their primary presence is strongly felt in Delhi NCR and Mumbai as they were the initial regions of launch.

Speaking about the expansion plans of Nawgati, Kaushik said that they are planning to not just target more cities but also to expand their reach to petrol, diesel and EV charging stations.

“While we endorse all fuel types, CNG stands out as the fastest-growing one. However, we’re also bringing petrol and diesel outlets onto the platform, along with EV charging stations,” he said.

“Our footprint extends to tier two cities with ongoing deployments in Pimpri, Aurangabad, Panchkula, and even parts of Bihar and Jharkhand. We aim to provide extensive coverage across most geographical areas of the country where CNG is present,” he further said, adding “regarding installations, we are on schedule to complete around 2000 installations in the coming three quarters.”

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