Munjya’s great achievement on the 11th day, Mona Singh’s film left Akshay Kumar-Ajay Devgan behind

Munjya Box Office Collection Day 11: There are many films running in theatres at present. One of these films is Munjya. This film was released last week. The film started dominating as soon as it was released. Its impact was such in the first week that the film recovered its budget in just 7 days. After this, the film continued its earnings and earned well in the second weekend as well. Now the film is making good collections in its second weekdays as well. The latest figures of its earnings have come.

How much did you earn on day 11?

Usually it is seen that films slow down after a while. But the flow of Munjya film is such that it is not slowing down. On the 11th day i.e. Monday, the film has earned Rs 4.75 crore. This collection is very impressive. This low budget film is progressing rapidly and has been successful in attracting the audience. The film made in 30 crores has earned Rs 58.55 crore in 11 days. A great earning can be expected from this movie in the coming days as well.

Will it be able to earn 100 crores?

The biggest question is whether the film can cross the 100 crore mark the way it is earning. It cannot be said with accuracy but it can be estimated. There are still 9 days left for the release of Kalki 2898 AD. In such a situation, if the film earns at this pace, then it can reach very close to 100 crores. That potential is visible in the film. It remains to be seen what kind of collection Munjya makes after the release of Kalki.

Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan’s films were left behind

It is not an ordinary thing for a low budget film like Munjya to earn so much money on the 11th day. The budget of the film is 20-30 crores and this film has earned 4.75 crores on the 11th day. Big stars could not do such a feat in the year 2024. Ajay Devgan’s Maidan was made in a budget of 100 crores. The film was able to earn only 3 crores on the 11th day of its release. At the same time, Akshay Kumar’s Bade Miyan Chote Miyan could also earn only 2.5 crores on the 11th day. Now this comparison itself clearly shows that earning so much money on the 11th day is special for Munjya in many ways.

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