‘Modi ji keeps crying like your namesake Salman Khan’, said Priyanka Gandhi in MP

After Gabbar, Jai-Veeru, now Tiger Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Asrani have also entered the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. Leaders not only use some catchphrase to taunt each other, but sometimes they also use Bollywood actors and characters from their films. This time Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has used the names of Amitabh Bachchan and Asrani along with Salman Khan in the election campaign.

Actually, Priyanka Gandhi reached Datia on Wednesday to campaign in Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. Where he addressed an election meeting. During this, as always, in his different style, he fiercely targeted BJP with strong words. First of all, let’s talk about current BJP MP and Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. While addressing the public, Priyanka Gandhi attacked Scindia with fierce words.

‘Scindia carried forward the family tradition’

Priyanka Gandhi said that she worked with Scindia in Uttar Pradesh. Even though Scindia may be a little short in height, he is very proud in his arrogance. He said that I am not in the habit of calling myself Maharaj, but whoever came to MP used to call him Maharaj, people used to say, Didi, what to do without Maharaj, no work can be done. In a sarcastic tone, Priyanka said that Scindia has carried forward the tradition of his family well.

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‘Scindia betrayed the people’

Further, the Congress General Secretary said that many people have betrayed, but he (Scindia) has betrayed the people of Gwalior and Chambal. He has stabbed the people in the back and brought down the government formed in the state. The government you elected by voting.

‘Shivraj beats Amitabh Bachchan in acting’

Next on the target of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi was Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. During this, he addressed Shivraj Singh as a world famous great actor. Taking a dig at Shivraj, he said that Shivraj Singh beats even Amitabh Bachchan in acting, but when it comes to work, Shivraj comes into the role of Asrani.

Priyanka targeted PM Modi

Along with this, Priyanka also targeted PM Modi. He said that don’t even ask anything about Modi ji, he is the first Prime Minister of the country who is permanently troubled by his own pain. When he went to Karnataka he was abused, when he came to Madhya Pradesh he was abused. Priyanka said that PM Modi always keeps crying. During this, while referring to Salman’s superhit film ‘Tere Naam’, he said that just like Salman Khan keeps crying from the beginning till the end of the entire film, similarly Modi ji also keeps crying. He said that I think they will make a film on PM Modi also which will be named ‘Mere Naam’.

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Voting will be held in Madhya Pradesh on 17th November

Let us tell you that today was the last day of election campaign for 230 assembly constituencies of Madhya Pradesh. In such a situation, Congress and BJP held massive rallies. Strong leaders of BJP and Congress have put their full strength in the elections. There is a direct contest between BJP and Congress in the state. Voting will be held in the state on 17th November and the results of the elections will be declared on 3rd December.

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