Menstruation 2 times a month in teenage girls, is this normal

Many types of changes occur in the body of teenage girls. There are changes in hormones, body structure and the onset of menstruation. When there is some change in this menstrual cycle then there is confusion whether it is normal or not.

Excessive bleeding, bleeding not stopping even after a week of menstruation, very light bleeding, bleeding every other day, it is natural to be worried if there is something wrong. But let’s see what is normal and what is not:

irregular menstruation
Irregular menstruation is seen in many adolescent girls. The worry about whether this is normal or not is troubling not only the girls but also their parents. A woman usually has her period every month after her first menstruation. But for some people it happens twice or once a month but it does not happen for 4-5 months. This is normal and usually appears by the age of two. Therefore there is no need to worry.

During this age many hormones are released in the body, once the body settles, the menstrual cycle becomes regular. But if this problem persists then consult a doctor.

Excessive bleeding
Or discharge is not normal. This may cause anemia. Fatigue increases due to lack of blood. This type of problem is often accompanied by headache and dizziness.

If these symptoms occur, do not ignore them
* Bleeding for more than 8 days
* The pad or tampon gets wet very quickly, requiring replacement of the pad within one to two hours of wearing.
* When you have to change 2-3 pads at night due to excessive bleeding *
blood clotting
But do not ignore these symptoms. Anemia can be very dangerous.

severe stomach pain during menstruation
Pain is normal during menstruation. Some people have difficulty standing and walking. This is all normal, if you find it too much to bear then consult a doctor. Drinking boiled cumin water, drinking fresh water, applying hot bag will reduce the pain significantly.

Is it normal to have irregular periods or not?
* After 2 years of menstruation, normal menstruation is followed again by irregular menstruation
* When menstruation stops, if menstruation does not occur for at least a few months * If
Hair grows on the face, chin, chest, stomach
* If heavy bleeding lasts more than a week
* Bleeding on one day during menstruation, and no bleeding on the next day * If
You have been facing the problem of irregular menstruation for more than 3 years

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