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On the instructions of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, MCD has prepared a ten-point plan to make the Chhath festival memorable. MCD has expedited the work to finalize this plan. Regarding the preparations for Chhath Mahaparva, MCD in-charge and MLA Durgesh Pathak said that before AAP government came to power, only about 70 Chhath ghats were built in Delhi with government help, but now more than a thousand ghats are being built. But to provide all the necessary facilities, Arvind Kejriwal has made a big program.

Durgesh Pathak said that arrangements for tents, lights, toilets, ambulances, doctors and cultural programs are being made at all the ghats. To perform Chhath Puja, devotees will not have to go far from home. Keeping in view the problems of all the people, Chhath Ghats are being built near the house. Also, at Chhath Ghats, all Aam Aadmi Party MLAs, Councilors, Assembly Speaker and party volunteers will be present 24 hours to serve the people.

What is MCD’s 10-point program?

The first one under this campaign is to build good and magnificent ghats. Second- Tent arrangements should be made there. Thirdly, lighting should be arranged there because people come for Chhath puja in the morning and night. Fourth- Toilet arrangements are being made at every ghat. Fifth- Arrangements for water are being made. Sixth – Ambulance arrangements are being made so that no one faces any problem in case of medical need. Seventh- Doctors are also being called.

Eighth- Cultural programs are also being organized everywhere as per the demand of the people. Ninth- Ghats are being built near the house. Tenth- CM Arvind Kejriwal has told all the MLAs, Councilors, Assembly Speaker, Organization Minister, Ward President, Organization Ministers and all the volunteers to be present at every ghat for 24 hours. Have to serve the people. This is to ensure that there is no obstruction of any kind. For the first time in the history of MCD, Rs 40 thousand has been given to every ward.

Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party MLA Sanjeev Jha said that Chhath festival is starting for four days. We have to take bath tomorrow, we have to eat food the day after tomorrow, next day the evening meal will be offered and on the 20th morning Arghya will be offered to the rising sun. I wish everyone a happy Chhath festival. Like every year, this year also the Delhi government is busy preparing for Chhath festival. We are also inspecting the ghats to ensure that there is no shortage.

BJP accused of conspiracy

AAP MLA Sanjeev Jha said that like every year, this year also BJP is doing dirty politics under the guise of Chhath festival. BJP leaders in Delhi are trying to serve lies every day. You are busy misleading the public. He said that during Chhath Puja in Greater Kailash, a BJP councilor had tried to stop the puja. After which we had a big movement there. Similarly, in Dwarka, the Deputy Mayor had challenged that he would not allow puja to be held there but later he had to bow down.

He raised the question that if the people of BJP had faith in Chhathi Maiya, they would have made arrangements even in those states where their government is in power. He asked that you have governments in Maharashtra and Haryana, what arrangements did you make there? Chhathi Maaya will not forgive you. Stop playing with the emotions of the people of Purvanchal.

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Akhilesh Pati Tripathi said that I want to thank Arvind Kejriwal that he has not only done excellent work in the fields of education, health and electricity in Delhi but he has also organized a big celebration of Chhath Puja.

Chhath Puja has been taken to a level which no government has been able to do till date. BJP, which always has a difference between its words and actions, instead of supporting Chhath Puja, is making sarcastic remarks against the Delhi government which organizes the biggest event.

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