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Married men: After marriage, many responsibilities increase not only on women but also on men. In such a situation, he not only takes care of his wife and children, but also fulfills many household responsibilities very well. The important thing here is that they are not able to take care of their health, due to which they have to face many health problems. This problem increases further when your age gradually increases and you are unable to pay attention to your health.

Yes, today we have brought such an asana for married men, which if they include in their lifestyle, they will get many benefits. Let us know which asana we are telling you today and what are its benefits (Health Benefits of Butterfly Asana).

Today we are telling you about butterfly posture

To do this you will have to sit on a mat spread on the floor. After this you have to bend your knees and bring your feet near your stomach. Now you have to bring the soles of both your feet together. Now hold both the feet tightly with your hands. Finally, the thighs rise and fall like butterfly wings. Keep repeating this process in this position for a few minutes.


Let us know about the benefits of butterfly posture for men.

Butterfly posture helps in increasing fertility in men. Actually, by doing this asana, blood circulation improves. This is the reason that doing this asana increases the fertility of men.

Butterfly posture also removes fatigue and weakness. Not only this, Titli Asana also helps in increasing immunity. Therefore, whenever you feel tired, do butterfly pose.

Butterfly posture has not just one but many benefits, doing it strengthens your internal muscles and also provides relief from pain and tension in the muscles around the thighs. Not only this, with the help of this asana one also gets relief from knee pain.

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