Magnesium deficiency is making you hollow from inside, include these foods in your diet. – Khel Ja

Magnesium rich food: To keep the body healthy, calcium, iron, protein and vitamins are needed. We all know this but our mental health also needs nutrients. Magnesium is a nutrient that helps in building muscles and keeping the nerves healthy in our body. Not only this, this nutrient helps us in making our body fully functional.

Magnesium deficiency causes many problems like tingling, numbness, muscle cramps, nervousness, loss of appetite, osteoporosis, insomnia, asthma, headache, weakness etc. Not only this, sometimes due to its deficiency our mind also becomes dull. Let us know by which things we can overcome magnesium deficiency.

Due to magnesium deficiency

There can be many reasons for this, like excessive alcohol consumption, excessive diarrhea, deficiency of Vitamin D, not taking magnesium rich food in the diet, etc. For this, it is important that you include magnesium rich foods in your diet.

Magnesium Rich Foods


Consuming a handful of cashews and almonds daily is a great option to get the magnesium your body needs. It also strengthens the immune system, so include it in your diet.


Potassium-rich bananas are a great choice for heart health and strong bones. Apart from this, the vitamin C and magnesium present in it are essential for the body.


Cooked quinoa contains about 10 to 15 milligrams of magnesium, which is very important. Apart from this it is rich in protein.

sorghum bread

Jowar is rich in magnesium and fiber, hence by eating it in the form of roti, puri or paratha, there is never magnesium deficiency in our body.

Sprouted Moong Salad

Moong is also a magnesium rich food. For breakfast, make a salad by mixing sprouted moong, finely chopped onion, green coriander, green chillies, chaat masala etc. and consume it.

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