Lal Diary conspiracy hatched in the Union Home Ministry…Ashok Gehlot’s big attack on the Center

As the assembly elections in Rajasthan are approaching, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has become completely aggressive and is continuously attacking the central government. After four pages of Lal Diary came out in Rajasthan, CM Ashok Gehlot has once again targeted the Central Government. Along with asking 7 questions to the Central Government, CM Gehlot has also cornered the Lal Diary.

On the question of four pages of Red Diary, Gehlot said – As far as I understand, I don’t know which is Red Diary and Black Diary, but I feel that all this conspiracy took place inside the Union Home Ministry. There the diary was named Lal Diary.

Congress put seven questions before BJP

CM Gehlot asked 7 questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the war room of Congress in Jaipur and sought answers from him during the PM’s visit to Barmer’s Baytu. CM Gehlot said that the Prime Minister should tell when will he provide health insurance of Rs 25 lakh to all the citizens of the country like Rajasthan?

CM Gehlot while asking the second question said that PM Modi should tell when will OPS be implemented for all the government employees of the country? When will gas cylinders be given for Rs 500 to all the houses in the country? While asking the third question, CM Gehlot asked PM Modi that when will he implement the Right to Social Security law which gives equal pension to all the needy citizens of the country.

Rajasthan is a peace-loving state, please bless it: Gehlot

CM Gehlot has accused PM Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of provoking people in the state. He said that Rajasthan is a peace-loving state, here people of all religions and castes live together. Please be kind to Rajasthan, your agenda was successful in UP.

‘We handed over Kanhaiya Lal case to NIA’

CM further said that the sensitivity of BJP leaders in the case of Kanhaiya Lal murder has come to light. We are worried about how Kanhaiya Lal’s family should get justice on time. The case was handed over to NIA. Now we are worried as to why action has not been taken till now. Sometimes we feel that it was deliberately prolonged so that when elections come, we can take advantage of it.

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