Know from experts, is it safe to exercise during fasting or not?

Fitness News Desk!!! To stay physically and mentally fit, it is very important to work out daily. Working out reduces the risk of many diseases. At the same time, people who work out daily are confused about whether they should exercise during fasting or not. This is believed to be because eating or drinking anything is prohibited during the fast, so can there be any harm if exercise is done in such a situation?

Is it safe to exercise while fasting?

Experts say that it is completely safe for people who are healthy to exercise during fasting, as exercising during fasting produces human hormones, which repair cells. Metabolism is boosted. Muscles develop and exercise performance also increases.

Keep these things in mind while working out

Experts believe that low and moderate intensity exercise is very beneficial, as it uses more energy than stored body fat, which can keep you energetic for a longer period of time. Experts say that high intensity exercise should be avoided as it requires more carbs and since you are fasting your body does not have enough carbs for the workout, hence you will feel tired while exercising and your energy will decrease. Will lose. You can, you can faint.

Such people should be careful

Experts say that people who have coronary artery disease should be careful about exercise. Diabetic patients who are taking medication need to be most careful, as their blood sugar may drop during exercise which can prove dangerous for them. Such people should do very light exercise and should do it only after consulting a doctor.

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