Khichdi 2 star Supriya Pathak recalls Sridevi asked her to ‘speak like Hansa’ on flight: ‘I was so happy’

Supriya Pathak’s role as Hansa Parekh in the Khichdi franchise has been loved by the audiences. The actress is currently gearing up for the release of Khichdi 2. In a recent interview, Pathak shared an interesting anecdote about the time she met the legendary Sridevi on a flight.


When Supriya Pathak met Sridevi

In an interview with Puja Talwar, Supriya Pathak spoke about the time she met Sridevi on a flight. The Khichdi actress was returning from the US when Sridevi was also on the same flight. Calling her a favorite, Pathak said: “We met and she was very happy to meet me. When we boarded the flight, normally an actor will never come by himself/herself and ask you to enact a character. It’s not done because you are an actor, and you don’t expect it.”

The actress added, “I just went and sat and she came to me and said, ‘I am so sorry but can you please speak like Hansa.’ I said, ‘oh my god.’ I was so happy. I said, ‘Hello, how are, khana kha ke jana.’ She was so thrilled throughout the flight, she kept laughing. She was a great, great fan of Khichdi.”

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