Kelly Clarkson’s rapid 60-pound weight loss leaves friends ‘scared’ for her health

American singer and television personality Kelly Clarkson has reportedly lost 60 pounds over the last few months. Her friends are worried about the 41-year-old’s drastic diet that they say is taking a toll on her health.


An insider revealed the Stronger singer’s health condition due to her strict diet to the National Enquirer. “She’s hardly eating. There’s a reason she’s lost so much weight so quickly – and it seems to be making her sick.”

“She’s tired all the time, complaining of stomach issues and even getting dizzy spells, it’s very scary,” added the source. “The last thing she should be doing is starving herself when she already has health issues,” they said.

In 2018, the singer revealed that she suffers from an unspecified autoimmune disorder and thyroid problem. In such a condition the insider advised that she should be “extra cautious.”

Many of her fans are convinced that the artist has jumped on Hollywood’s latest diet craze, the infamous Ozempic. Many celebrities from Hollywood like Sharon Osbourne and Amy Schumer have confessed to using the weight-reducing shot and with Kelly keeping mum on her weight-loss techniques, there’s a possibility the assumption might be true.



“If she is using it, she’s not saying. But her appetite is totally gone,” the insider continued. “She used to love a good sit-down lunch. Now all she’ll order is a small salad – and even that she pushes around her plate.”

According to sources, Kelly had vowed months ago to reduce her waistline and get back into the dating scene after her divorce from her former manager turned husband, Brandon Blackstock, 46, was finalized last year.

“Everyone supported her diet at first. It’s totally understandable she’d want to feel her best. But now she’s going overboard – and doesn’t seem to have any interest in slowing down.” “It’s like she’s addicted to losing weight!”

Sources also claimed that she had lost 15 pounds in July and had committed to losing 35 more by fall. Well, now it seems she has surpassed the goal!

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