Kay Kay Menon on finding a spark in Babil similar to Irrfan: Hope he preserves it

Kay Kay Menon, who recently worked with Irrfan’s son Babil, has lauded the newcomer for his talent and work ethic.


Commenting about the same, the actor spoke to Indianexpress.com and said, “I was delighted to see him. Of course, he is Irrfan’s son, but that’s a different thing. I was delighted to see that he has an individuality about himself, which leads to magic. What spurs that magic, he doesn’t know. We don’t know, but he should preserve it. That’s all I can say.”

The Railway Men is said to be an untold story regarding the 1984 Bhopal Gas tragedy. It relates the story of railway workers who didn’t think twice before risking their lives to save people.


Speaking further about his experience of working with both Babil and Irrfan, Kay Kay Menon stated, “I have acted with him, so I know the magic. You can’t pinpoint it as such. Not to analyse it too much, but preserve it. That’s something which I also found in Irrfan. We would have long chats about this (acting), about how to go beyond design. To reach a level where the design isn’t governing you, to be truthfully there in the moment.”

“Now, when I see little sparks of that happening, I just hope that for the longest of time, as much as possible, Babil preserves it without analysing it too much,” signed off.


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