Kartik Month 2023: 7 Must-Follow Rules For Health And Prosperity

In Hinduism, the month of Kartik is regarded as highly sacred. Chaturmas concludes during this month, holding special and auspicious significance in Hindu traditions. Lord Vishnu awakens from his yoga sleep, bringing a shower of joy and grace to creation.

It is believed that goddess Lakshmi descends to the earth, blessing devotees with immense wealth in the month of Kartik.

The Kartik month this year will end on November 27th November. This marks the beginning of the winter season and calls for a change in dietary habits in order to stay healthy and fit. It is also believed that you should follow certain rules in regard to the food you consume this month correctly, which we will discuss below, in order to achieve prosperity and happiness. So, let’s begin with the seven important rules of the Kartik month that you must follow.

Incorporate Milk Into Your Diet

Milk is a pantry staple that is deeply rooted in Indian culture, and it is used to make desserts like ras malai, kalakand, milk cake, and many drinks like haldi doodh and kesar doodh. But it is specifically advised during Kartik month to add a glass of milk to your diet along with jaggery to boost immunity, enhance vitality, and increase energy.

Consume Jaggery

As mentioned above, consuming jaggery during Kartik month is considered to be one of the most important things. Jaggery helps keep the body warm, and gur is also known for its other health benefits.

You can eat gur chana, which is a popular snack in India, or you can make gur halwa. Load up on jaggery during the Kartik month to protect yourself from many illnesses, such as seasonal colds and flu.

Strictly Avoid Non-Vegetarian Food

According to Hinduism, non-vegetarian food should be strictly avoided during the holy month, and you must follow a vegetarian diet to avoid leading a ‘demons’ life.

Moreover, animals during this month are usually in the middle of their reproduction process, where they are infected with various diseases, and consuming them during this period could cause health problems such as failure in the digestive system, according to medical science.

Eat Wheat Halwa As Bhog

During the preparation and celebration of the festival of Kartik Purnima, wheat halwa is prepared as bhog, which is a great way to safeguard yourself from various illnesses and diseases that become prevalent during the winter months.

Consuming the halwa that is made by using wheat flour, ghee, sugar, raisins, cardamom powder, and nuts is recommended. All these ingredients together create a delicious yet nutritious treat that helps keep you healthy.

Avoid Chilled Water

Chilled water should be avoided in general, but during Kartik month, you must avoid chilled water as it marks the beginning of the winter season. Drinking chilled water during this time would be a sure-shot way to catch a cold, flu, cough, and other seasonal diseases.

Say No To Bitter Gourd And Eggplants

Eating eggplants and bitter gourds in this holy month is not considered auspicious, and you must avoid these two vegetables. The reason behind this is that during this period of the year, the seeds inside karela and baingan get overripe, which is not considered safe for consumption. Eating bitter gourds and eggplants during this time could lead to diseases like food poisoning and other food-borne diseases, along with digestive problems.

Consume Black Salt

Also known as kala namak or rock salt, consuming black salt is a great way to help you boost your digestive system. As the winter season tends to cause acute acidity, using a black salt and jaggery mixture at night could help with most of the stomach worries.

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