It’s Diwali, don’t drink alcohol… Drunk man sticks stick in wife’s private parts, condition critical – Khel Ja

A case of husband’s cruelty has come to light from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Here the cruel husband, under the influence of alcohol, inserted his stick into his wife’s private parts. The woman was seriously injured due to the cruel actions of her husband. The woman has been admitted to the district hospital of Bareilly for treatment. Where his condition remains critical. The woman had opposed her husband for drinking alcohol. Angered by this, the husband did this act. Till now no police action has been taken against the accused husband.

A person from the village of Bhamora police station area of ​​Bareilly district reached his home under the influence of alcohol on the night of Diwali. On the day of the festival, when the wife protested after seeing her husband under the influence of alcohol, the accused husband became enraged. The husband abused his wife and beat her. It is alleged that the husband got angry and inserted a stick in the wife’s private part.

The woman’s condition became serious

The wife’s condition worsened due to the husband’s cruelty. Blood started flowing from his private parts. Hearing the woman’s screams, family and neighborhood people gathered. The injured woman has been admitted to Bareilly District Hospital for treatment. Where her treatment is going on. The condition of the woman still remains critical.

Sensation spread in the village after the incident

After the incident, sensation spread in the village. Whoever heard about this cruel incident expressed anger against the accused husband. Villagers say that the accused is fond of drinking alcohol. He is mostly under the influence of alcohol. Every day there is opposition to drinking alcohol in his house. Many times there were disputes between husband and wife over alcohol. Villagers say that this time the accused husband has committed a very shameful incident.

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