‘It really freaks me out’, Taylor Swift urges fans to not throw things on stage during the performance: Watch

Taylor Swift recently took the stage for the Latin American leg of her Eras Tour, and she will continue her international tour until Nov. 26. Several notable events occurred during her performance at Buenos Aires’ Estadio River Plate.

Not only did she make her relationship with Travis Kelce official, but also became the latest target of objects being thrown onto the stage.

Taylor Swift asks fans to not throw objects on stage

A video from Taylor’s performance has been making the rounds on social media lately. The Lover singer can be seen in the video urging fans not to toss anything onto the stage. In the video, she acknowledged that fans show their appreciation for their favorite artist by doing this, but it’s important to understand that dancers could trip over these objects and endanger their safety.

“And since effective communication involves maintaining gentle and healthy boundaries, it genuinely unsettles me when items are tossed onto the stage. When things land on the stage, there’s a risk that a dancer might trip on them. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of bringing presents, and it means a lot to me, but could you please avoid throwing them onto the stage? I love you all so much!”.

While fans promptly respected her request and stopped the action, Many flocked to social media to express their opinions regarding the artist’s comments. A user wrote “This is how you communicate to your fans. Such a class act”, while others said “Why they are throwing stuff on stage? Where are the manners?”, “Wow She , her voice, her words have such a calming effect…”, “Why the throwing stff on stage dont do it please Here is the queen.”



Meanwhile, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce publicly confirmed their relationship by sharing a kiss. Following the concert’s conclusion and the bow with her crew, Taylor hurried backstage, only to fall in the arms of Travis, as he kissed her back, sending fans into a tizzy moment. Check out here.


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