Invited to a party, made to drink alcohol, then strangulated… Friend murdered for loan of Rs 200 – Khel Ja

A sensational case of murder has come to light in Firozabad district of UP. In North police station area, a young man was murdered for a loan of Rs 200. Actually, the young man had given Rs 200 to his friend. The young man was asking his friend for his money several times, but the friend was not giving it. Angered by this, the young man abused his friend. On hearing the abuse, the friend thought of taking revenge and killed the young man as part of a conspiracy. At present, the police have arrested three people involved in the murder incident, while three accused are still absconding.

Let us tell you that Bhupendra Singh, resident of Nagla Pansai village of North police station area, had borrowed Rs 200 from his acquaintance Kamlesh. Kamlesh had asked Bhupendra for his money many times, but he was not giving Rs. 200. Not only this, Bhupendra abused Kamlesh and his family and even said that if you can take money from me, then take it. Kamlesh accepted this insult and thought of taking revenge from Bhupendra.

Invited to a feast, then killed

To take revenge, Kamlesh along with his six friends planned to murder Bhupendra and called Bhupendra from his house on the pretext of having a feast. Here Kamlesh made Bhupendra drink a lot of alcohol. After this, he was taken to a deserted area of ​​Ramgarh police station area. Kamlesh strangled Bhupendra to death with a pot and threw the body behind the bushes. However, when people saw the dead body lying there, they informed the police.

Police arrested 3 accused

On receiving the information, the police arrived, took possession of the body and sent it for post-mortem and started investigation. Firozabad SSP formed three teams to uncover the murder. When Bhupendra’s friends were interrogated, they told about the fight with Kamlesh. After this, the police arrested three murderers, Diwan Singh, Vijay and Manoj, who gave information about the entire incident. The main accused Kamlesh and his two friends Awadhesh and Raghuraj are still absconding. Police is searching for them.

SP City Sarvesh Kumar Mishra gave information about the incident.

Disclosing the incident, SP City Sarvesh Kumar Mishra said that the reason behind the murder of the young man whose body was found behind the bushes in Ramgarh police station area on November 10, was a loan of only Rs 200. For not returning the borrowed money, a young man named Kamlesh along with his five friends had murdered Bhupendra, in which three murderers have been arrested and three are still absconding.

(Input- Sachin Yadav/Firozabad)

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