Innocent murdered after rape, family members wandered away with dead body in their lap… not even stretcher available

Once again the insensitivity of the police and health department has come to light in Begusarai, Bihar. Here on Monday morning, the body of an 8-year-old minor girl was recovered in Rajauda village of Mufassil police station area. After the body was found, the family members alleged that she was murdered after rape. Family members said that the girl had gone to collect flowers and banana leaves for puja, during which she was brutally assaulted and then strangulated to death.

After the incident, the police took the girl’s body to the hospital for post-mortem. Here in the hospital the dead girl did not even get a stretcher. The girl’s family kept running with her body, sometimes to the X-ray room and sometimes to the post-mortem room.

Video of wandering with dead body goes viral

When the video of the girl’s family members wandering with the dead body has gone viral, the hospital administration is accusing the police of not taking initiative. In this case, Civil Surgeon Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh said that our job is to provide stretchers, but the police should take initiative for this. He said that the police comes to conduct the post-mortem. The police should ask for a stretcher and take it there. They should have taken care of this.

There is talk of death due to snakebite.

Here the family members also said that according to the information received from the doctors, the girl died due to snakebite. The girl’s family members are raising questions on this and saying that if the girl died due to snake bite then how were the clothes on her body thrown here and there. How did the marks appear on the girl’s neck? On this the Civil Surgeon said that the post mortem is done on the basis of the police report. The post mortem has been done keeping in mind both aspects of snake bite and rape.

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