Including Hardik Pandya in the team will cost heavily to Mumbai Indians, these 3 losses can happen!

Pandya has been warmly welcomed by Mumbai Indians. Mumbai Indians included Hardik Pandya in their team under the trading window. The amazing thing is that Mumbai had released this player in 2022 and after that Hardik became the captain of Gujarat Titans and in 2022 he also made his team win the IPL. In IPL 2023 also, he took Gujarat Titans to the finals. After this, Hardik Pandya’s stature has increased a lot and this is the reason why Mumbai has once again included him in their team. Mumbai has paid a huge amount to bring Hardik into their team. Obviously, Mumbai must have taken this decision considering the value of this player, but let us tell you that Mumbai Indians may also suffer losses by including Hardik Pandya in the team.

Yes, don’t be surprised, there is no doubt that Hardik is a match winner. He is amazing in batting, bowling and fielding. But this player also has some shortcomings due to which Mumbai Indians may suffer loss. Let us tell you three reasons for this.

Hardik is an injury prone player

The biggest disadvantage of Hardik Pandya is that this player is not completely fit. His body is injury prone. This means that he is constantly at risk of injury and this can cause huge losses to Mumbai Indians. Recently, Hardik Pandya suffered an ankle injury in the third match of the World Cup and after that he was out of the tournament. His absence had a significant impact on the balance of the team. Team India reached the finals but missed the title clash. Now if something like this happens during IPL, what will Mumbai Indians do? Although any player can get injured, but Pandya seems to have a deep connection with the injury.

Mumbai will suffer huge losses if it does not bowl.

Mumbai Indians did not retain Hardik Pandya for IPL 2022 because he was not fit to bowl. Now if such a situation arises again in the future, what will the Mumbai team do? Actually, Hardik Pandya’s X factor is his being a pace bowling all-rounder. If he does not bowl, then just as a pure batsman, he is not considered a value for money player.

Threat to team unity

With the return of Hardik Pandya to the Mumbai team, reports are coming out that some players are not happy with this decision. Now no one knows how much truth is there in this, but there are indications in this direction. After Hardik Pandya’s re-entry in Mumbai, Jasprit Bumrah’s Instagram story remains a topic of discussion. In it he has written that sometimes silence is the best answer. Now this Insta story post of his is being linked to Hardik Pandya. There are also reports that Bumrah has unfollowed Mumbai Indians on Instagram and Twitter. However, the return of Hardik Pandya can cause huge loss to Bumrah because after Rohit, Pandya is being considered as the next captain of Mumbai. Earlier only Bumrah was visible in this race.

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