If you too are planning to go abroad cheaply after Diwali ends, then you will get cheap visa here.

Travel News Desk,Everyone wants to go on an international trip at least once in their lifetime. However, the most important problem that often stands in the way is budget, as many people are intimidated by the idea of ​​spending a substantial amount of money to fulfill their dream of traveling abroad. Additionally, another important concern that can cause stress is obtaining a visa, as visa fees can be quite high in many large countries.

foreign travel in budget
Here we are introducing you to some countries where visa fees are generally affordable. Less than 5,000 Indian rupees (about 70 US dollars). This will not only help you save money. Maldives, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, is famous for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Maldives is offering 90 days free visa on arrival for Indian residents. If you intend to stay for a longer period, an extension fee of approximately Rs 3,733 is applicable.

Visa is available for 3 thousand rupees
The Southeast Asian country Malaysia is known for its diverse culture, modern cities, and delicious street food. Tourists from India can obtain an e-Visa for a fee of around Rs 3,500, although this fee may vary due to various reasons. Indonesia is a Southeast Asian archipelago. Famous for its rich history, fascinating landscapes and delicious street cuisine. It provides e-Visa facility to Indian tourists at a fee of approximately Rs 2,715.

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a country known for its unique culture and delicious street food. Singapore offers e-Visa to Indian tourists at a non-refundable fee of approximately Rs 1,831. Vietnam, another Southeast Asian gem, boasts a rich historical heritage, picturesque scenery and delicious local cuisine. Indian tourists can avail e-Visa for around Rs 2,078.

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